Step 1 - Creating a Budget

To create your team budget, you'll want to think about the different parts of the season: from planning and fundraising, to attending the events, to thanking and recognizing your supporters.

Step 2 - Resource Mapping

Resource Mapping is brainstorming and planning for how you can take advantage of all your relationships and connections to raise money for your FIRST ® team.

Step 3 - The Ask

This is about a very important part of any fundraising process for a FIRST team: The Ask.To prepare you'll want to look at your budget, and determine what your team needs.

Step 4 - Thank You

One of the keys to being a successful fundraiser is to never forget to take the time to thank those who support your FIRST experience.

Step 5 - Donors Choose for Small Projects

Crowdfunding is a major trend in fundraising where a crowd of people donate small amounts through the use of a website and social media.

FIRST teams based in public or charter schools are able to utilize an amazing crowdfunding website called

Step 6 - Donors Choose for Large Projects

The wonderful thing about is that you can use it for small and large campaigns alike.

Here are ten inside tips from the coach from FIRST Robotics Competition - Mid-Atlantic Team 3314, the Mechanical Mustangs.

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