05.24.19 Team Eblast

FTC Season Reg l Toyota Grant l SKYSTONE Kickoff l Indiana FTC Competition l MDE Adv. grants

Thank you to our teams, coaches, and volunteers for an amazing 2018-19 ROVER RUCKUS season! Special thanks to our season’s fall and spring event hosts who rolled out the red carpet for our teams. We so appreciate your time and dedication!
FTC 2019-2020 season registration is open! It’s important to register early so that enough competitions can be organized to support all of our teams.
  • Registration instructions for returning teams (veteran): A FTC team’s team number and Kit of Parts are reusable and retained from year to year. Veteran teams register for the season using their team’s previously assigned team number. Refer to the Michigan FTC Team List for veteran team numbers.
  • Registration instructions for newly forming teams (rookie): Follow the steps in this doc (with screenshots) to start the registration process for your new team but stop at the FTC Storefront portion for now. Do not pay for anything at this point! 
    • Next step is to apply for the FIRST HQ FTC Rookie Team Grant using your temporary team number (starts with 2019).
      • Teams must apply for this grant to be eligible for the FIRST in Michigan FTC Rookie Team Grant.
      • If awarded, grant funds are directly applied through the FTC Storefront.
    • Once the team receives an award decision from FIRST HQ, proceed to the FTC Storefront to purchase parts.
    • Then, apply for the FIRST in Michigan FTC Rookie Team Grant (reimbursement grant).
      • The FIRST in Michigan FTC Rookie Team Grant works with the FIRST FTC (HQ) Rookie Team Grant to cover the team’s initial out of pocket costs through the FTC Storefront and completes the loop to make the 2019-20 registration fee/kit of parts free! See affiliation requirement below. If it presents a hardship for the school/org. to await reimbursement, email michiganftc@gmail.comfor options.
    • See the Grants page on the FIRST in Michigan FTC website for detailed grant information.
Things to know:
  • Middle school only. In Michigan, FTC is a middle school only program with team members comprised of middle school age/grade team members.
  • FTC team size is capped at 15. Multiple teams out of a given school/org. are welcome!
  • Affiliation is key to funding. Teams must be affiliated with a school or an established youth enrichment 501c3 organization (i.e. 4H, Scouts) to maximum the use of available grants. Through this affiliation, the team number and the Kit of Parts is the property of the school/organization for reuse year to year. Grant funds cannot be paid out to individuals.
  • Check the team list. Newly forming teams should check the MI FTC Team List to see if a team already exists at the school/organization.
    • This is key for rookie team grant eligibility. Veteran teams out of a given school/organization must all be registered for the current season before a newly forming team can be eligible for a rookie team grant.
      • if a team already exists, send a note to michiganftc@gmail.com and an email connection can be made to the team. Please include the school/org. name in your email.
  • Visit the GRANTS page of the FIRST in Michigan FTC website to learn about available grants and their application requirements.
Toyota is pleased to offer a state-wide grant to new and returning FIRST in Michigan middle and high school teams intended to expand and sustain STEM access in rural and urban communities and in Toyota areas of focus.

The grant provides up to $300 in funding for selected new/returning middle school FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams and up to $500 for selected new/returning high school FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams.

This grant is open for submissions. See the GRANTS page on the FIRST in Michigan FTC website for application information.Apply then “Make it Loud” on social media! #ToyotaFIRSTFund #ToyotaDrive4Five. Link to the press release.
Save the date for the 2019-2020 FIRST Tech Challenge season kick off on Sept. 7th with the reveal of the SKYSTONE game! Kickoff events will be held around the state. Many events feature workshops, training sessions and the opportunity to network with your local FIRST community. Select events will include a fully outfitted SKYSTONE playing field. Kickoff events will be listed on the FIRST in Michigan website’s EVENTS page.
The official FIRST Tech Challenge playing field and game elements are available from AndyMark, a FIRST certified vendor. SKYSTONE full and partial sets of game elements are now available for pre-order. Factor this in when setting the team’s summer fundraising goals!

Now through June 21, 11:59 pm ET, any team who has completed their 2019-2020 FIRST Tech Challenge season registration will be entered to win a REV Competition Kit or TETRIX competition kit. Visit https://info.firstinspires.org/competition-set-sweepstakes for details.
Indiana FIRST will be having an FTC off-season competition in conjunction with their high school FRC IRI competition.
  • Date:  Saturday, July 13, 2019
  • Location:  Lawrence North High School – 7802 Hague Road – Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 2019 General Information
FIRST Tech Challenge teams awarded the 2018-2019 Michigan Dept. of Education (MDE) FIRST Robotics grant that qualified for and competed at the 2018-2019 FIRST in Michigan FTC State Championship will receive a $150 states advancement award payout. There will be a small grant award (about $12) for teams that advanced from FTC States to compete at FIRST Championship-Detroit. The CMP award basically empties the remaining funding bucket. Payout is made directly to the school as part of the school’s monthly state aid payment and will likely occur in June. Please connect directly with your school or district on how to access the awarded funds.