06.19.19 Team Eblast


2019-2020 season technology updates can be found at this link:  http://firsttechchallenge.blogspot.com/2019/06/first-tech-challenge-technology-updates.html


  • SKYSTONE game elements are available for pre-order from AndyMark.
  • Veteran teams are able but not required to purchase FTC Kit of Parts components through the FTC Storefront. Storefront purchases are limited to once per season per component category.
  • Discount codes for REV and Pitsco are available through the FTC Storefront. From the FTC Storefront, click on the “SUPPORT” link on the top right corner. Once redirected, scroll down the site page and click on “How to Order Extra Parts” link in the leftmost sidebar. REV offers a 15% discount and Pitsco offers 25%.