08.14.19 Early Game Information

Contributed by: Paul Dressel, FTC 5385 & 5391

You do not have to wait until kickoff for general game/season information.  The Game Manual is divided into two parts.  Part 1 is typically published on the first Wednesday in July after the July 4th holiday.  The Game Manual Part 1 will have information on general tournament rules; award criteria; Robot hardware, electrical and software requirements; judging processes and advancement criteria.  Note that the game materials page will still mention last year’s game.  The Game Manual Part 1 for SKYSTONE was released on 7/10/2019.  The Game Manual Part 2 with game play specific information is the only new material made available during the kickoff. Reference: https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/ftc/game-and-season-info

Note that the majority of The Game Manual Part 1 is the same from year to year.  Reading a previous year’s manual gives you a good idea about how everything works.  Some major changes to this year’s manual:  <RG06>Alliance markers will replace flags.  The alliance markers are a team not an event responsibility.,  <RE06>We are made aware that some phones will not be usable next season(2020-2021) and what new phone options we have for this year, <7.4>  Team Scoring Elements are addressed.   All is great information to know before Kickoff.

Enjoy a great SKYSTONE season.