09.17.19 Team Eblast

Arconic grant REOPENED – closes Sept. 20
This grant has been reopened for a limited time.

  • Team must be located within a 25-mile radius of the Arconic locations within the United States. Link to Argosy locations.
  • In Michigan, the Arconic locations are in Farmington Hills and Whitehall
This grant is re-grantable and will be awarded as follows:
  • FIRST Tech Challenge Rookies – $1,000
  • FIRST Tech Challenge Veterans – $500
The application for this grant will close Sept. 20, 2019. Teams will receive information via the coach’s email on the status of their application. If you have any questions regarding this grant, please reach out to ftcgrants@firstinspires.org.  A submission does not guarantee funding

Direct link: Argosy Grant Application. Visit the GRANTS page of the FIRST in Michigan FTC website for details on all available grants.

Attention Teachers: You can create projects for Pitsco and/or Andy Mark materials or robot parts, tools, laptops, tablets, 3D printers, or any other related team materials through DonorsChoose. Get started here.

REV Robotics Veteran Team Sponsorship Opportunity – closes Sept. 30
For the 2019-2020 Skystone Season, REV will sponsor 50+ veteran teams from a variety of regions (our region is “Michigan-FiM”) with $250 store credit for use on REV products. The sponsorship is intended for veteran teams that excel on the playing field while being good stewards of their local FIRST community through sharing their knowledge with other teams.

Fill out the form embedded on this page: http://www.revrobotics.com/team-sponsorship/.  Applications must be submitted no later than Monday, September 30, 2019. Teams must be registered for the current season.

Season events (to date) have been posted on the EVENTS page of the FIRST in Michigan FTC website. There could still be some flux to the event list so check back from time to time. The EVENT REGISTRATION PROCESS has been linked and is accessible from the EVENTS page.

A reminder that FTC teams register for events (competitions) at the local level and not through their Team Dashboard. Event registration is done via a google form that is sent to the Lead Coach/Mentor 1 and 2 for each team. Event registration is anticipated to open in late Sept.  Teams must be fully registered for the 2019-2020 season to register for an event. Teams are guaranteed placement in at least one FIRST in Michigan FTC qualifier. The opportunity to compete in more than one is as event space allows.


  • We have two back-to-back qualifiers this season. One qualifier will be on Saturday and the other on Sunday, at the same location, servicing two separate sets of teams.
  • There will be two FIRST in Michigan FTC State Championships this season. Each State Championship event will be a two division event and each division will host 36 teams for a total of 72 teams per event. This will enable 144 teams overall to participate at the state level of competition (without increasing the wifi load). Both events will be held on Dec. 13-14.
    • FIRST in Michigan FTC State Championship-Battle Creek will be at Kellogg Arena.
    • FIRST in Michigan FTC State Championship-Warren will be at Macomb Community College’s Sports and Expo Center.
    • A given qualifying event will advance teams to one of the state championship events. A list of qualifiers with their associated state championship event will be posted in late September.
    • Each State Championship will be a two day event. Judging and Inspections will start on Friday early afternoon.
    • The elimination round at each event will use the traditional 4 team alliance format.

Visit the FIRST in Michigan GRANTS website page for the latest available grant opportunities. Key elements for most grants:

  • Teams must be comprised solely of middle school grade team members.
  • Affiliated with a school or established youth enrichment 501(c)(3) organization. A school affiliation maximizes the use of available grants.
  • Must compete in a FIRST in Michigan sanctioned event in the given season.
  • Rookie team grants:
    • New teams are eligible for rookie grants when all existing team(s) out of the same school/organization are registered for the current season.
    • Team must apply for the FIRST (HQ) FTC Rookie Team Grant to be eligible for the FIRST in Michigan FTC Rookie Team Grant.
    • The intent of the rookie team grant funding is to assist a new team with their initial start up costs (FTC registration fee and reusable kit of parts).
    • Team members and mentors may move through the program but the team number and kit of parts stay with the school/organization for reuse year to year.


  • SKYSTONE game elements are available for pre-order from AndyMark.
  • Veteran teams are able but not required to purchase FTC Kit of Parts components through the FTC Storefront. Storefront purchases are limited to once per season per component category.
  • Discount codes for REV and Pitsco are available through the FTC Storefront. From the FTC Storefront, click on the “SUPPORT” link on the top right corner. Once redirected, scroll down the site page and click on “How to Order Extra Parts” link in the leftmost sidebar. REV offers a 15% discount and Pitsco offers 25%.