10.01.19 Team Eblast

The registration guides linked below contain info on establishing a FIRST Account, setting up a team profile, inviting contacts, applying for screening, accessing the Storefront, etc. with screenshots. A quick reference guide for Team Dashboard tasks like inviting contacts, navigating the FTC Storefront is linked: Team Dashboard Guide.

  • Returning Teams (veterans) – remember to register using your existing team number. MI FTC Archived Team Lists
  • New Teams (rookies) – start the team registration process but DO NOT PAY for anything until applying for the FIRST FTC HQ Rookie Team Grant. Apply for this grant using your temporary team number which starts with “2019”.
    • Rookie Team Registration Guide
    • See rookie team grant requirements outlined below before paying for anything.
    • Team Name is a mandatory field when setting up the Team Profile. If your team does not have a name yet, just fill in TBD. You can update this field at a later time once a team name is chosen.

Visit the FIRST in Michigan GRANTS website page for the latest available grant opportunities. Key elements for most grants:

  • Teams must be comprised solely of middle school grade team members.
  • Affiliated with a school or established youth enrichment 501(c)(3) organization. A school affiliation maximizes the use of available grants.
  • Must compete in a FIRST in Michigan sanctioned event in the given season.
  • Rookie team grants:
    • New teams are eligible for rookie grants when all existing team(s) out of the same school/organization are registered for the current season.
    • Team must apply for the FIRST (HQ) FTC Rookie Team Grant to be eligible for the FIRST in Michigan FTC Rookie Team Grant.
    • The intent of the rookie team grant funding is to assist a new team with their initial start up costs (FTC registration fee and reusable kit of parts).
    • Team members and mentors may move through the program but the team number and kit of parts stay with the school/organization for reuse year to year.


  • SKYSTONE game elements are available for pre-order from AndyMark.
  • Veteran teams are able but not required to purchase FTC Kit of Parts components through the FTC Storefront. Storefront purchases are limited to once per season per component category.
  • Discount codes for REV and Pitsco are available through the FTC Storefront. From the FTC Storefront, click on the “SUPPORT” link on the top right corner. Once redirected, scroll down the site page and click on “How to Order Extra Parts” link in the leftmost sidebar. REV offers a 15% discount and Pitsco offers 25%.