2019-2020 FIRST New Hampshire School FIRST LEGO League Explore Team List
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Team Number
Team Name
Zip Code
2360MDES Jr Lego Team 6Nashua03062Main Dunstable School
2361Smart ArchitectsNashua03062Main Dunstable School
2362Yoda Lego BuildersNashua03062Main Dunstable School
2680MDES Jedi ArchitectsNashua03062Main Dunstable School
2807MDES Jr Lego Team 3Nashua03062Main Dunstable School
2808MDES Jr Lego Team 5Nashua03062Main Dunstable School
3391Deerfield Community School Deerfield03037Deerfield Community School
5153Deerfield 4-H Bittersweet SpecialDeerfield030374-H Youth Development Organization
7913Moon MasterWindham03087Home School
10150Fairgrounds Elementary TeamNashua03060Fairgrounds Elementary School
10151Fairgounds Elementary 2Nashua03060Fairgrounds Elementary School
10152Fairgrounds Elementary School 3Nashua03060Fairgrounds Elementary School
12643Smyth Road #3Manchester03104Smyth Road Elementary School
12737Smyth Road #1Manchester03104Smyth Road Elementary School
12738Smyth Road #2Manchester03104Smyth Road Elementary School
13779The Marlow Super AstronautsMarlow03456John D Perkins Sr Acad-Marlow
13780The Marlow Moon DancersMarlow03456John D Perkins Sr Acad-Marlow
13781Fairgrounds Elementary 4Nashua03060Fairgrounds Elementary School
14923The Little DippersManchester03109Family/Community
14997Tiger BuildersAmherst03031Family/Community
15251Blue Heron Team ZetaConcord03301Shaker Road School
15590Bow FLL Jr. Robotics Team #1Bow03304Bow Elementary School
16092City UniversityNashua03062Bicentennial Elementary School
16147Shweatha & VishnuNashua03062Bicentennial Elementary School
16154The Builders of Shark CityAmherst03031Family/Community
16647Jr1Milford03055Heron Pond Elementary School
16648Jr2Milford03055Heron Pond Elementary School
17082Crane-ium CreatorsPeterborough034584-H
17289Blue Heron Team EtaConcord03301Shaker Road School
17535Troop 12959Newton03858Girl Scouts
17536Electric Moon JungleNewton03858Girl Scouts
17639Smyth Road #4Manchester03104Smyth Road Elementary School
18273Moon GirlsWindham03087Family/Community
18535Tsantoulis Tuesdays 6:00Hooksett03106Hooksett Public Library
18659Young - Thursday 5:00Hooksett03106Hooksett Public Library
18691Austin Monday 6:00Hooksett03106Hooksett Public Library
19281Greenfield MakersGreenfield03047Stephenson Memorial Library
19372Temple Elementary School Wise OwlsTemple03084Temple Elementary School
19521Monarch School of New England TeamRochester03867Monarch School of New England
20007Galaxy BuildersExeter03833Family/Community
20081Gina & JayNashua03062Bicentennial Elementary School
20085Marta Magnus & Rohit SarafNashua03062Bicentennial Elementary School
20141Mandar/JenishaNashua03062Bicentennial Elementary School
20418Temple Elementary School Wise Owls 2Peterborough03458Temple Elementary School
20419Temple Elementary School Wise Owls 3Peterborough03458Temple Elementary School
20441Little Thursday 6:00Hooksett03106Hooksett Public Library
20732BNT B&B BuildersHollis03049Family/Community
20784Rindge Memorial SchoolRindge03461Rindge Memorial School
20830Lego TeamWindham03087Family/Community
20836The AED buildersNashua03060Family/Community
20844Rutika/SarvajithNashua03062Bicentennial Elementary School
21042Jedi StarsBedford03110Peter Woodbury School
21121Bow FLL Jr. Robotics Team #2Bow03304Bow Elementary School
21223Full STEAM AheadHudson03051Home School
21339The CrushersMadbury03823Mast Way Elementary School
21340Master Lego HeroesLee03861Mast Way Elementary School
21341Squid-Bam-IclesLee03861Mast Way Elementary School
21342Team TomorrowLee03961Mast Way School
21343Builder BrosLee03961Mast Way School
21400Nottingham West 1Hudson03051Nottingham West Elementary Sch
21401Nottingham West 2Hudson03051Nottingham West Elementary Sch
21488Smyth Road #5Manchester03104Smyth Road Elementary School
21552LEGO CatzMadbury03823Moharimet Elementary School
21553RavensRye03870Moharimet Elementary School
21554LEGO MastersMadbury03823Moharimet Elementary School
21555Robot EngineersMadbury03823Moharimet Elementary School
21556Construction KnightsMadbury03823Moharimet Elementary School
21606Smyth Road #6Manchester03104Smyth Road Elementary School
21697RMMS Team 1Brookline03033Richard Maghakian Memorial Sch
21698RMMS Team 2Brookline03033Richard Maghakian Memorial Sch
21699RMMS Team 3Brookline03033Richard Maghakian Memorial Sch
21700RMMS Team 4Brookline03033Richard Maghakian Memorial Sch
22005HPS FLLjr #1Hollis03049Hollis Primary School
22006HPSFLLjr #2Hollis03049Hollis Primary School
22007HPS FLLjr #3Hollis03049Hollis Primary School
22008HPS FLLjr #4Hollis03049Hollis Primary School
22009HPS FLLjr #5Hollis03049Hollis Primary School
22020Legendary BuildersRochester03867Chamberlain Street School
22021Dark Vortex'sRochester03867Chamberlain Street School
22022Lego BusterRochester03867Chamberlain Street School
22127The Well Lego Lords1Peterborough03458Well School
22158HPS FLLjr #6Hollis03049Hollis Primary School
22392PES roboPride FLLJr.Penacook03303Penacook Elementary School
22393PES roboPride FLLjr 2.0Concord03303Penacook Elementary School