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The Governor’s Cup

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What is The Governor's Cup?

The Governor’s Cup is an elite virtual event welcoming FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams from all over the state of New Hampshire to compete for awards and scholarships based on a team presentation to an experienced judging panel. Started in cooperation with Governor Chris Sununu’s administration in 2018, The Governor’s Cup began as a full day of exhibition and competition, and will be continued this year online. Scholarships will be awarded based on a team presentation and individual student nominations by team mentors.

This year our goal is to continue the excitement of this prestigious event while abiding by social distancing guidelines. As we know, FIRST is about more than robots. Never has that been truer than during this pandemic. During these days of uncertainty and ever-changing guidelines, we have reimagined this event to create a way for teams to connect in a virtual competition model that will offer fun and reward. Scholarships and trophies will be awarded!

What will The Governor's Cup look like as a remote event?

We have a full day of activities planned for socializing and showcasing your FIRST skills, including virtual workshops, games, internship opportunities, and even a virtual pit! Keeping up the tradition, the day will culminate in an awards ceremony hosted by David Price, where we will give away the New Hampshire Governor’s Cup tuition waivers to the high school seniors from the top 3 winning teams.

In addition to the Governor’s Cup tuition waiver awards, there will be several other awards that teams can win based on their presentation and participation in the other virtual activities:

  • The Woodie Flowers “Good Stuff” Award
  • The CAD is Strong with this One Award
  • Smells like NH Spirit Award
  • Winnipesaukee Judges Award
  • Wookie Rookie Award
  • 603 Alumni Award
  • Governor’s Award

And to top it off, the Governor’s Cup will be offering several individual scholarships to nominated seniors and an Alumni Award to nominated alums that are still active in the state of New Hampshire.

In addition to the judging sessions, the Governor’s Cup virtual event will include workshops and other fun sessions with sponsors and NH Colleges and Universities. The tentative schedule for the day is 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with an opening ceremony, workshops and judging planned from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m, and the awards ceremony at 4:00 p.m.

The Governor's Cup Awards Interview Criteria

Judging for awards is only open to NH FRC teams.

  • Interviews will be 20 minutes long
    • 10-minute presentation by the students
    • 10-minute Q&A from the judges
  • A student from each grade level that is on the team must be represented
    • i.e., if a team only has sophomores and juniors, a freshman and senior will not be required
  • Any number of team members can be a part of the interview
    • Suggestion: Try to have designated speakers for certain topics and/or determine spokespeople prior to the interview to avoid multiple speakers speaking at once.
  • Up to 2 mentors allowed, but they should be muted during the interview
  • Screen sharing will be allowed, and encouraged for the CAD award
  • The judges will be using only the interview to determine award winners, so it is important that the team’s presentation encompasses all aspects of their team

Find more information about the Awards here

About the Judging

Each team will be assigned a time for their team’s interview. The interview will consist of a 10 minute presentation to the judging panel and 10 minutes of questions and answers. The format will be similar to Chairman’s Award interviews, except there will be no limit on the number of team members allowed to participate in the interview. The judging panel will consist of several veteran FRC Judges paired with Sponsor judges.

The interview presentation will be judged based on the following criteria:

– This award encompasses community outreach, team dynamics, relationship with schools and
sponsors, enthusiasm for STEM, and perseverance.

– This award places special emphasis on recent accomplishments and activities within the last five years, as distinguished from just the robot design and build season.

– Also taken into account will be how the team has responded to COVID-19 and maintained
positivity with the shortening of the 2020 FRC Season.

There will be a separate technical interview presentation for the Technical award. The Technical award will be based on the team’s use of CAD/CAM in their engineering process. Teams who want to be considered for this award will be given the opportunity for an additional 10 minute presentation and 10 minutes of questions and answers to a separate set of technical judges.

About the Tuition Waiver

The tuition waiver will be a free semester for the High School seniors on the top 3 teams as judged by the seasoned FRC judging panel.

The scholarships are valid at the following NH State Universities and Colleges:
● Granite State College
● Great Bay Community College
● Keene State College
● Lakes Region Community College
● Manchester Community College
● Nashua Community College
● NHTI Concord’s Community
● Plymouth State University
● River Valley Community College
● University of New Hampshire at Manchester
● University of New Hampshire Main Campus
● White Mountains Community College

To be eligible the student must have participated as a team member during the 2019-2020 season and be participating in the 2020-2021 FIRST Robotics Competition season.

Students must go through the regular admission process and be accepted by the State College or University.

The tuition waiver must be used within one year from the date of the virtual event.

About the Individual Scholarships

2020 Governor’s Cup Individual Scholarship Award Criteria

Criteria for selection of the Governor’s Cup Individual Scholarship Award shall include, but not be limited to a student’s:

  • Commitment to the ideals of FIRST and FIRST values;
  • Interest in STEM related areas;
    • Please do not limit this to thinking just engineers, we need Managers, Marketers, and Teachers that are STEM aware as well.
  • Needs based will be taken into consideration, as well as first generation college goer;
    • Our goal is to give some smart individuals with FIRST values, that may be held back by other factors, an opportunity to further their education.

Who is Eligible?

Any high school senior that participated in the 2019-2020 Competition season and is planning to participate in the 2020-2021 FIRST Robotics Competition season, and is nominated by their team’s adult mentor. Each team may submit up to two nominees.

Deciding Which Students to Nominate

This is a mentor/coach nominated scholarship.  Mentors are welcome to take input from sources they feel appropriate such as; the team or a student’s parent/guardian. If you have 2 or more Seniors on the team please put in two nominees.

Who Submits the Nominations?

An adult mentor of the team.

What Information is Required for the Nomination?

The mentor or coach, who is not related to either of the students chosen for the scholarship, should gather the required information for the student team member submission. Applications will require:

  • Nominee Name
  • Nominee Grade
  • Current School that the nominee is attending
  • Number of years the student has been involved in FIRST programs
  • Nomination short write up
    • Using the criteria above a short write up of why this individual should be considered for this nomination
    • Short means somewhere between 1 paragraph to 1 page.



Why Sponsors, Colleges & Universities Want to be Involved

As COVID-19 spread across the world, many sponsor organizations, non-profit foundations, colleges and universities turned to helping front line workers as the need was so sudden and needed. But as STEM leaders it is also important that we take a step back and look at the larger picture as well, considering how students are being affected by this pandemic. While those effects are fairly vast, let’s consider the problem through the lens of FIRST teams. Many students tell us how being on a FIRST team was the catalyst for their pursuit of a STEM career.

The FIRST programs are designed to be fun while doing hard work creating a future workforce that have already learned the skills necessary to create, manage, and execute an engineering project. During the pandemic we cannot give them the optimal experience, but there is still a lot we can do to provide hard fun that continues to help prepare these students for their future. Please help us encourage these students to stay involved in STEM by celebrating how each team has responded to COVID-19.

In keeping with his mission to build New Hampshire’s workforce for “not just tomorrow but for five, ten, twenty years”, Governor Chris Sununu has worked with the University & Community College Systems of NH to continue to offer a FREE TUITION waiver to high school seniors for the top 3 teams at The Governor’s Cup virtual event.

Join us and show your NH pride!

Many thanks to our sponsors: