Amazing grants are available to NH FIRST Robotics Competition teams. The combination of the rookie team grants completely covers a new team’s start up costs and puts money in the team’s pocket!

Teams should carefully review grant eligibility requirements and application procedures. Participation in a sanctioned FIRST NH  event is a requirement of all grants.

FIRST HQ FRC Rookie Team Grant - Closed
OPEN:         May 10, 2020
CLOSES:     January 29, 2021
AMOUNT:  Variable

FIRST New Hampshire FRC Rookie Team Grant - Open

OPEN:         Year Round
AMOUNT:  Up to $7,000 (depending on FIRST HQ grant award)

The FIRST NH Fund has been established to provide the opportunity to every school in New Hampshire to have FIRST® teams in their school. Grants are available to start new FIRST teams and these grants are designed to cover registration, kit materials and a stipend for teacher coaches.

To receive a grant from these funds, a school needs to meet the following criteria:

  •  Be starting a NH based team
  • If still open apply for the FIRST HQ grant award
  •  Have at least 2 coach
  •  Attend at least 1 competition

What do the Team Grants Cover?

  •  Up to $6,000 towards robot kit, tools, registration
  •  $1,000 towards a teacher coach’s stipend


  • Do NOT pay for anything until a grant award decision is received. If awarded, the team must also see the grant funds as available in their Team Dashboard. Rookie teams that pay their 2020-2021 registration fee and/or complete their kit of parts purchase are ineligible for this grant.
  • Rookie teams apply using their 9 digit temporary team number.
  • Teams will be required to prove season participation at the end of the season.
  • If awarded, teams will not receive their grant on their Team Dashboard until the team’s Lead Coach 1 and Lead Coach 2 are both successfully screened.


1)  Register your Team.


BAE FIRST Grants - Open
OPEN:         May 25, 2020
CLOSES:     October 9, 2020
AMOUNT:  Variable

New Hampshire Robotics State Grant - On Hold

** Check back often – The State is assessing the budgets as affected by the pandemic and will get back to us shortly **

OPEN:         October. 15, 2019
CLOSES:     When funds are all gone
AMOUNT:  Dependent on your schools grant request

New Hampshire has available $1.5 million for robotics programs.  These are 2 year grants, $750K for this year and $750 for next year.  You can find out more about the grant and how to apply here .


For teams where a coach/mentor is an educator at a public or charter school:

The and FIRST has a robust partnership that allows teams across all 4 programs crowdfund for tools, robot parts and other team needs (note: the platform currently does not support team registration funding). Sponsors like News Corp, Bosch, Qualcomm and others run match offers periodically throughout the year that benefit FIRST projects, and the platform is a great way to augment fundraising for public and charter school based teams.

Be sure to put FIRST Tech Challenge into the title of your project to be seen by these special sponsors.

Other Funding Ideas

Teams should connect to companies in their area for additional grant opportunities. Encourage team parents/mentors to reach out to their employers. Many companies have grants available to employees who are engaged in youth STEM programming.

Items to check before submitting a grant application.

  • Application lists the team’s correct team number. Most grants require the team’s permanent team number. Temporary team numbers start with “2020”.
  • Where required, uploaded proof of purchase document(s) must be properly labeled with team number
  • The “remit to” name on the grant check must be the team’s fiscal partner. The team’s fiscal partner is the School, District, 501(c)(3) Organization, Foundation, or other entity that administers grant funds on behalf of the team. Grant checks cannot be made payable to individuals.
  • If you do not have a fiscal partner contact us for solutions
  • Veteran teams at a given school or organization must be registered for the current season.
  • Team should have two screened coaches
  • Team profile should list your team’s school or organization affiliation.

Ways to thank a grant sponsor.

Say “thank you” to grant sponsors by recognizing their contribution on the team’s social media outlets and include their brand on the team’s robot, pit swag, team shirts, engineering book, etc.  Sponsors often serve as volunteers at events and visit the teams that accept their funding.