Events are a celebration of the season and an opportunity for teams to engage in the excitement of competition.  Awards are given for robot performance as well as for community outreach, design, and other real-world accomplishments.

Visit the EVENTS page of the FIRST New Hampshire FTC website for a list of the season’s events.

Teams accepting grants from FIRST HQ, FIRST New Hampshire, New Hampshire Dept. of Education, or sponsor specific grants are required to participate in one official FIRST in New Hampshire qualifier in the current season.  

10.25.19 update: 2nd Round Qualifier Registration form will open Monday, October 28 at 6:00pm.

Teams not yet registered for 2019-2020 season:

  • If your team is still working through the season registration process, please fill out the google registration forms anyway.


Event registration key points
Event Registration Key Points:  

  • FIRST Tech Challenge event registration is done at the local level with FIRST New Hampshire and not through the Team Dashboard.
  • Teams will not see their confirmed events on their Team Dashboard.
  • Teams are guaranteed a spot at two Qualifiers. Playing in additional qualifiers is optional and as event space allows.

Event registration dates
Key Fall Event Registration Dates:

October 16      1st Round Qualifier Event Registration form opens at 6:00pm
October 26     2nd Round Qualifier Event Registration form opens at 6:00pm (updated)

FIRST New Hampshire event structure

Event types
Workshop – These events can cover a variety of FIRST Tech Challenge and robotics-related topics.

Kickoff – Held each September, this event is when the new season’s game is revealed. Kickoff offers the opportunity to see the game reveal live, network with other teams and strategize about the new season.

Scrimmage – A small event run by volunteers, and are good for practice and playing experience. These events can have anywhere from three to twenty teams and do not include judging and awards. These events do not qualify teams for championship tournaments.

Qualifiers – These events are held in areas with a large number of teams. In these events, teams compete for positions at the NH State Championship . Qualifying Tournaments adhere to FIRST standards in format, judging, and awards.

State Championship – A state level event. U.S. Teams compete for a chance to advance to a FIRST World Championship event. Championship Tournaments adhere to FIRST standards in format, judging, and awards.

World Championships – This national-level event is the culmination of the season. To compete in this event, teams must advance from their assigned state Championship Tournament.

Teams/organizations wishing to host scrimmages or workshops please contact Jenn at nhftcpartner@gmail.com

Event fee
All teams remit an event fee to participate in FIRST New Hampshire official events. This fee can be paid by credit card or check.

Event fee by event type: 

  • Qualifiers:  $100
  • State Championship:  $100 


1st round qualifier registration

  • The 1st Round Event registration form will open on October 16 at 6:00pm. Please submit one form per team.
      • Assignment is made on a first come-first served basis until an event’s capacity is reached.
      • If a team’s ranked preference has reached capacity when that team’s form comes up for processing, the team’s next ranked preference is checked for availability. This process repeats until placement is made.
      • After 1st round event registration closes, teams will be notified via email of their 1st round Qualifier assignment.  

2nd round qualifier registration

  • Participation in a second qualifier is optional.  
  • Note that a team’s “2nd round” qualifier could chronologically occur before a team’s “1st round” qualifier. 
  • The 2nd Round Event Registration form is linked under the “Event Registration Forms” toggle box above.
  • Teams will be prompted to register their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. choice. 



  • FIRST New Hampshire will adhere to the FIRST mandated FIRST Tech Challenge Advancement Criteria. The criteria can be found in Game Manual 1.
    • FIRST New Hampshire opts-out of the qualifier host team advancement spot criteria.
  • Teams are eligible for advancement at any one of the first 2 Qualifiers they attend.
  • A team that earns an advancement spot at a Qualifier is not eligible for an advancement spot at another Qualifier.
    • The team is still eligible to receive all awards except the Inspire Award. Teams that have won the Inspire Award at another Qualifier, cannot be considered for the Inspire Award or as an Inspire Award Finalist at additional Qualifiers.
  • If a team earns an advancement spot at their 1st round event and is registered for a 2nd round event, the team is expected to follow through on their commitment to compete at the 2nd round event.
    • In the spirit of gracious professionalism – if a team earns an advancement spot at their 1st round event and then withdraws from a confirmed 2nd round event, the judging panel at the team’s next event (State’s) will be made aware of the situation which could reflect negatively on the team. This caveat will not apply if the team relinquishes their spot to another team in response to a FIRST New Hampshire general request.

Advancement Spot Allocations:

  • States advancement: A set number of teams from a given Qualifier or League Tournament will advance to one of the FIRST New Hampshire FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship events following the FIRST mandated Advancement Criteria (see game manual 1). Advancement spots per event, along with the State Championship event they will advance to, will be posted later in the season.
  • FIRST Championship advancement: Two teams from the FIRST New Hampshire FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship event will advance to the FIRST Championship-Detroit event following the FIRST mandated Advancement Criteria (see game manual 1).

FIRST NH FTC State Championship

  • There will be one FIRST New Hampshire FTC State Championship event this season at Southern New Hampshire University on Sunday, February 16, 2020.
  • The State Championship event will host 28 teams.
    • The elimination round will use the traditional 4 team alliance format.
  • A designated number of the teams from each qualifying event will advance to one the Championship events, as mandated by the FIRST FTC advancement criteria.   The number of advancing spots per qualifier will be published when event registration closes.  
  • If a team elects to withdraw from a Championship event after qualifying/accepting an invitation, the next eligible non-qualifying team, from the same qualifier as the withdrawing team, will be invited to participate. IT IS POSSIBLE YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED OF QUALIFYING FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP THE WEEK AFTER YOUR EVENT – DON’T DISASSEMBLE YOUR ROBOT UNTIL AFTER STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS!
  • Qualified teams must confirm their non-attendance at the Championship event by February 3, 2020. Teams relinquishing their State’s spot should email nhftcpartner@gmail.com by this date.  

FIRST World Championship

FIRST Championship-Detroit Event  

  • A pre-determined number of teams will advance from the FIRST in Michigan FTC State Championship events to the FIRST Championship-Detroit event which will be held on April 29-May 2, 2020.
  • Registration fee for this event is payable directly to FIRST as part of their invitation acceptance process.  This fee is usually due in March.
  • Visit FIRST’s Championship microsite for more information:  https://www.firstchampionship.org/detroit.


Competiton Guides

  • FIRST in Michigan FTC specific:  What to Expect at an Event. General rollout of a FIRST in Michigan FTC qualifier/league tournament.
  • FIRST FTC HQ Preparing for Competition guide:  Contains resources for FIRST Tech Challenge teams specifically for pre-competition preparation.

Resources by topic area to aid in passing inspections and preparing for judging:

Robot Inspection

Field Inspection

Engineering Notebook


Consent and Release Forms

Consent and Release Forms: Required at each event where a team member/coach/mentor is participating. Two versions for each person must be turned in at event check-in.

Team Roster

Team Roster: Required at each event where the team is participating. Turned in at event check-in. The Roster should include all team members/coaches/mentors in attendance at the event. There are two ways to produce a roster. Choose one.

1)  Team Dashboard produced roster 

  • Team members can register for the team via the FIRST Youth Registration System. Registered team members will then appear on the Dashboard produced roster.
    • There is a “quirk” where the option to apply to a FTC team for a student under the age of 12 will not be presented. In this case, the team member will need to have a signed paper version of the FIRST HQ Consent/Release form and be written in on the team roster.
    • Only the Lead Coach/Mentor 1 and 2 for a team can invite/accept team members through the FIRST Youth Registration System. The Team Admin role cannot do these functions.
  • On the Team Dashboard, under Team Contacts/Roster section, click “Contact Options”, choose “Print Team Roster”. On Team Contacts page, click “Print Roster”.
  • Team members/coaches/mentors not listed on the Team Dashboard produced roster must be written in.
  • Consent and Release forms requirement:
    • FIRST HQ Consent and Release Form:
      • Individuals who have a signed electronic FIRST HQ Consent and Release Form on record with FIRST HQ will have a “check” in the “Consent Form” column.
      • All other individuals will need to turn in a paper FIRST HQ Consent and Release Form.
    • FIRST in Michigan Consent and Release Form:
      • Signed paper form is needed from ALL team members/coaches/mentors in attendance at the event.
  • Example of a Team Dashboard produced roster.


2)  Coach produced roster

  • Roster template  (excel).  Roster Template (pdf)
  • Download and customize for your team’s use. Include all team members/coaches/mentors who will be in attendance at the event.
  • Paper versions of BOTH the FIRST HQ and the FIRST in Michigan Consent and Release forms are required for ALL team members/coaches/mentors in attendance at the event.