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Consent and Release Forms

Consent and Release Forms: Required at each event where a team member/coach/mentor is participating. Two versions for each person must be turned in at event check-in.

  • FIRST HQ Consent and Release Form
    • Electronically signed through the individual’s FIRST Account. Team must be using the “Team Dashboard produced roster” as it indicates that the electronically signed form is on file with FIRST HQ.
    • OR a signed paper version

Team Roster

Team Roster: Required at each event where the team is participating. Turned in at event check-in. The Roster should include all team members/coaches/mentors in attendance at the event. There are two ways to produce a roster. Choose one.

1)  Team Dashboard produced roster 

  • Team members can register for the team via the FIRST Youth Registration System. Registered team members will then appear on the Dashboard produced roster.
    • There is a “quirk” where the option to apply to a FTC team for a student under the age of 12 will not be presented. In this case, the team member will need to have a signed paper version of the FIRST HQ Consent/Release form and be written in on the team roster.
    • Only the Lead Coach/Mentor 1 and 2 for a team can invite/accept team members through the FIRST Youth Registration System. The Team Admin role cannot do these functions.
  • On the Team Dashboard, under Team Contacts/Roster section, click “Contact Options”, choose “Print Team Roster”. On Team Contacts page, click “Print Roster”.
  • Team members/coaches/mentors not listed on the Team Dashboard produced roster must be written in.
  • Consent and Release forms requirement:
    • FIRST HQ Consent and Release Form:
      • Individuals who have a signed electronic FIRST HQ Consent and Release Form on record with FIRST HQ will have a “check” in the “Consent Form” column.
      • All other individuals will need to turn in a paper FIRST HQ Consent and Release Form
  • Example of a Team Dashboard produced roster.


2)  Coach produced roster

  • Roster template  (excel).  Roster Template (pdf)
  • Download and customize for your team’s use. Include all team members/coaches/mentors who will be in attendance at the event.
  • Paper versions of the FIRST HQ Consent and Release forms are required for ALL team members/coaches/mentors in attendance at the event.


FIRST FTC HQ Resource Links

Game and Season

Team Administration

Robot and Programming:


Engineering Notebook


FTC Community Provided Resources


FTC Kit of Parts

FTC KIT OF PARTS (reusable year to year):

Rookie and veteran teams can purchase the base FTC Kit of Parts through the FTC Storefront accessible via the Team Dashboard.

See RUN A TEAM site page under “FTC Kit of Parts” for details.

Android Devices

Android Devices (aka phones):

For teams looking to order extra phones, these models of phones are approved for use in FTC:

Motorola Moto G 2nd Generation, Motorola Moto G 3rd Generation; Motorola Moto G4 Play, Motorola Moto e4 (see disconnect resolution)

There are threads on the FTC Forum discussing perceived advantages/disadvantages to types of phones.

Vendor Discount Codes

PITSCO and REV discount codes are available on the team’s FTC Storefront.

  • Enter the Storefront.
  • Click on the “Support” Button at the upper right corner of each page.
  • Click on the “How to Order Extra Parts.”
  • Each link will take you to the Vendor’s Website.
  • TETRIX and REV Robotics discount codes will appear below their logo. It’s only available once a team has fully purchased their Season Registration Fee.

Teams (rookies and veterans) may return to the Storefront throughout the season to purchase product following the access procedures above, per the restrictions of the Storefront (max 1 set per Category: Control, Electronics, and Competition). The FTC Storefront prices are deeply discounted versus ordering directly from the vendor.

While product listed in the “FTC Storefront” is necessary to build a functioning robot, teams are not required to purchase all product from the Storefront. Refer to the season’s Game Manual for the rules regarding allowable parts along with the Legal/Illegal Parts List

Need More Parts?

FTC encourages innovation and “out of the box” thinking! FTC has a generous allowable parts list that enables teams to use components outside of the standard FTC kit of parts. Teams may also fabricate parts including the use of 3D printing technologies. Always check the Legal/Illegal parts list and the Game Manuals when in doubt on whether a particular component is compliant with the season’s rules.

Pitsco – Official supplier of TETRIX parts.  Please Note:  The primary source for the initial purchase of the FTC Kit of Parts for teams is through the FTC Storefront. 

REV Robotics – Official supplier of the REV Expansion Hub and the REV Build Kit.

AndyMark – Official FTC game elements, official FTC field perimeter, Soft Tiles floor mats, some other legal FTC parts like chain, spacers, etc.

McMaster-Carr – Huge industrial supply company. Good source for 6-32 cap screws, nylon insert lock nuts, #6 washers (6-32 is the standard Tetrix fastener size). Also good for various size/shape aluminum extrusions, sheet aluminium, sheet polycarbonate plastic (Lexan), surgical tubing, etc. Fast shipping – standard UPS is 1 day service if you get your order in early in the day.

Powerwerx – Anderson connectors to replace battery/core module connections. Don’t forget the crimper!

Tower Hobbies – Duratrax Ultimate Hex drivers – 3/32″ and 5/64″ for Tetrix axle collar and axle/motor hub set screws. These are pretty much indestructible.

ServoCity – ServoCity is an online retail store specializing in servos, gearboxes and vast array of other mechanical parts.  Their Actobotics®product line is used by many FIRST® teams in their robot designs.



FIRST Logos and branding standards


Certificate of Participation

Certificate of Participation

Download and customize this Certificate of Participation to recognize your team members participation in the FIRST Tech Challenge season. Format is a fillable pdf.

Hosting a FTC Event

Email with your event hosting interest.