This year is unique with its remote events. Here are some FAQs about the Ultimate Goal season.

Are there Workshops available?

Yes, remote workshops are being planned. There is one scheduled with NH FTC Head Referee Evan Raitt on Wednesday, October 21. More details will be coming through the emails Jenn Morton sends via Constant Contact, so keep an eye out for them.

We are also working with Team Gluten Free – Rover Ruckus’ World Championship team – to have them present a remote workshop about this year’s Ultimate Goal game, a robot they built for it, and troubleshooting issues along the way. All of the team members of Gluten Free have graduated high school and are no longer competing, but they are FIRST enthusiasts and would like to share their knowledge and passion with other teams.

If you have additional ideas for workshops, please let us know what your team is interested in hearing about, we will do our best to present what the teams want.

When are remote events happening?

We do not have a definite timeline for events yet. We are working on a schedule that would include remote workshops this Fall, remote scrimmages which would be non-official events – likely in November & January, a couple of remote Qualifiers – likely in January & February, then hopefully we would be able to move to in person Qualifier events if the virus is under control in March & April. We’re hoping for a late May, early June State Championship in person if virus conditions allow.

What is the chance there will be in person events? Do we know when they would happen if they do happen?

We cannot say for sure whether there will be in person events. That all depends on the Coronavirus and how things play out this Winter and next Spring. We hope to be able to hold in person events, but nothing is guaranteed. We will be updating teams regularly through emails and here on the website. 

Can our team host an in-person event?

Yes! If we decide that conditions are safe to hold in person events, we will be looking for event hosts. Jenn Morton will put out the ask for hosts via the Constant Contact email updates, so please be sure to read through those & respond when you see that ask.

Will there be a NH FTC State Championship and if so, when will that be?
Yes! The New Hampshire State Championship will happen no matter what – either in person or remote. Due to the extension of the season with World Championships not happening until the summer, we are looking at dates in May or June 2021 for the NH FTC State Championship. Again, our hope is that the delay will help with quelling the virus and/or production of the vaccine, allowing for large groups to gather in person.

Is Deans list still happening and when are the deadlines for that?

Yes! Dean’s List is happening. The specific deadlines for Dean’s List nominations this year have not been announced yet, but in the past they have been the 15th of the month before the official event. So, for example – IF we have a Qualifier event scheduled for March 6, 2021, the deadline for Dean’s List nominations for that event would traditionally be February 15, 2021. Jenn Morton will send reminders of Dean’s List deadlines in the emails via Constant Contact, so please be sure to read those.