Teams come in all kinds of flavors.
FIRST  teams can be based at public, private, or home schools or from community organizations such as scouts or 4H. Any setting will work: large, small, rural, urban, suburban.

Anyone can start a team.
The push to start a team can come from teachers, school admin, parents, students, corporate leaders, scout troops, community partners, FIRST alumni. It just takes one person to get the ball rolling!

We’ll help you succeed.
Your success is our success. We provide many resources to get your team up and running. From funding, planning guides, workshops, to an extensive and supportive FIRST community.


Tap into the upcoming talent pool.
Gain early access to your future workforce of engineers, scientists, technicians, entrepreneurs and researchers. By giving support to teams, you are paving their career path right to your front door.

Strut your stuff.
Give students a window into your company. Let them see the cool things you do. Test drive the talent by offering meaningful internships.

Choose your niche.
Companies sponsor FIRST in all sorts of ways: providing money, mentors, a place to build, even in kind donations of parts and materials. They also sponsor events with money or volunteers. Pick what works best for you.


Support a Team.
Every team needs a leader but they also benefit from technical mentors such as engineers, programmers, IT, website designers, CAD operators. Non-technical mentors can help organize food, team attire, parts pick up, and travel.

Support an Event.

FIRST events are staffed entirely by volunteers. Roles include organizers, judges, referees, inspectors, photographers, pit managers, queuers, MCs and game announcers, AV experts, electricians, field crews, EMT’s and nurses. Volunteering at an event is a great way to see FIRST up close and personal.

Support FIRST New Hampshire.
Our organization is always looking for passionate volunteers such as team recruiters, website managers, accountants, public relations, grant writers, graphic designers, statisticians, trailer drivers.