Governor’s Every Student Fund Veteran FIRST NH Teams

Deadline for this offer is December 15, 2020

As a returning FIRST NH Team, applying for a grant from the Governor’s FIRST for Every Student Fund is a simple two step process.

Upon approval, funds will be applied directly to a team’s FIRST dashboard account to be used to pay for team registration and kit materials.

Step 1

Since these are federal CARES Act funds, each FIRST NH team will need to provide documentation that the team has lost funding this season due to COVID-19. This documentation must be received before grant funds can be applied to a team’s account. Links to example letters are provided for some common situations.

Some reasons that a team’s funding have been impacted include:

  • NH Dept. of Education robotics grant funds were not available this year – example form
  • School budget reductions due to COVID-19 limited access to funds that would normally be available – example form
  • Cancellation of major fundraising events and outreach activities due to COVID-19 – example form
  • Loss of business sponsor that is unable to contribute to the team this year due to COVID-19 – example form
  • Other reason that a team’s funding has been impacted due to COVID-19. Please describe this loss of funding in a brief letter addressed to the “Governor Fund Grant Administrator”. Be sure to include your program and team number.

A team may have already paid for registration, but still had lost funding this season due to COVID-19. These teams may have used personal funds from the coaches or participants, or they may have applied funds that would normally have been used for other program expenses. These teams are still eligible to receive funding from the Governor’s Every Student Fund, as long as they provide the documentation described above that indicates the reason for the loss of funding.

Email a signed copy of the documentation to, with Subject: Governor Fund Application Documentation

Step 2

A team’s lead mentor completes this grant request form: Veteran FIRST NH Team Application

Contact if you have any questions while completing either step in this application process.

Governor’s FIRST for Every Student Fund Description

See below for what is included in the grant for each program, along with some cool incentives for teams to register.

FIRST Robotics Competition

Grades: 9-12

Grant Provides:

  • Team Registration
  • Veteran Kit of Parts

FIRST Tech Challenge

Grades: 7-12

Grant Provides:

  • Team Registration

Bonus Incentive:

  • FTC Electronic Module Set w/Control Hub, including shipping


  • FTC Ultimate Goal Remote Game Set (wobble goals and rings)
  • Contact to request this item

FIRST LEGO League Challenge

Grades: 4-8

Grant Provides:

  • Team Registration
  • Challenge Set (2 options), including shipping
    • 1 RePLAY challenge set for teams that meet normally
    • 2 RePLAY challenge sets for teams that meet remotely and an additional set

Bonus Incentive:

  • LEGO Spike Prime Core + Expansion Set, including shipping

FIRST LEGO League Explore

Grades: 2-4

Grant Provides:

  • Team Registration
  • Playmakers Inspire Set, including shipping

Bonus Incentive:

  • LEGO Education WeDo 2.0, including shipping

FIRST LEGO League Discover

Grades: K-1 (Class Pack only)

Grant Provides:

  • Registration and Playmakers challenge materials, including shipping
  • LEGO STEAM Park Sets (3 options), including shipping
    • Small – 2 STEAM Park Sets (up to 10 youth)
    • Medium – 4 STEAM Park Sets (up to 20 youth)
    • Large – 6 STEAM Park Sets (up to 30 youth)