• "Thank you for considering starting a FIRST team. You're on your way to join us in impacting students' lives and developing our skilled, future workforce."
  • "FIRST programs help students of all levels, interests, and abilities close the skills gap by offering hands-on, impactful learning. These are skills they will take with them, and build upon in their future.  We are working to put FIRST programs in all of our schools." - Stacy Buckley Superintendent Newfound Area School District
  • "When my students are engaged, they are motivated to find solutions and work together. By implementing FIRST programs, they are taking initiative, collaborating, and learning other real-world skills, which they might not ordinarily do at that age. They learn how to fail as well as succeed through project-based learning. The robots teach the students to be better humans." - Jeff Dutton, Engineering/Tech Teacher at Merrimack Valley High School
  • It is hereby proclaimed that the New Hampshire School Boards Association values, promotes, and supports FIRST Robotics and their work supporting New Hampshire Students; and hereby encourages continued collaboration between FIRST robotics parents and local school boards; in furtherance of these values.

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