ote logo 2 50We're raising money to help support and sustain FIRST teams in NH.

Please consider a $5-$10 donation, or your team number you choose where to put the decimal point, by clicking on one of the green buttons below. And then make it loud by posting on your team and individual social media.  Use #MakeItLoud and #FIRSTNH

Meet our rappellers.

dave 2

David "Cannonball" Price

"To the top buddy,
I'm doing a cannonball."

woodie 1

Woodie "Zen Master" Flowers

"I'll float down on a cloud of
Gracious Professionalism"



Dave "Mr CHAOS" Kelso

"Chaos all the way down"

Why We Are Doing This?

FIRST® NH is looking to support all our teams by creating and expanding workshops for mentors and students, organizing off-season events for our teams, recruiting new sponsors for teams, and developing other resources to help strengthen our existing NH FIRST teams. The money we raise will help support these efforts to benefit our awesome teams.