ote logo 2 50We're raising money to help support and sustain FIRST teams in NH.

But FIRST NH likes to do things the fun way.

Use your $$ to vote who is going over the edge of the Brady Sullivan building on June 28, one of the tallest buildings in New Hampshire.

Meet our potential jumpers, oops did we say jump? We meant rappellers.

dave 2

David "Cannonball" Price

"To the top buddy,
I'm doing a cannonball."

woodie 1

Woodie "Zen Master" Flowers

"I'll float down on a cloud of
Gracious Professionalism"



Nominate your Mentor here to go Over the Edge!

Have your nominations in by April 30 at 11:59pm

Each jumper, oops did it again, rappeller that we raise $10,000 for will be going over the edge!

Funds raised will go to FIRST NH to support and sustain NH teams.