A generous and extensive network of companies, educational and professional institutions, foundations, and individuals support FIRST ®. Through the support they provide, our sponsors help ensure that the next generations of innovators, doers, thinkers, and model citizens get the encouragement and skill sets they'll need to successfully compete and change the world for the better.

This support, including financial contributions, in-kind donations, employee volunteerism and mentoring, provides vital resources for FIRST organizational growth, and is a testimony to the value found in FIRST programs.

Helping New Hampshire Become 1st in the Nation to Have FIRST in Every School

In answer to the challenges our companies face in finding the skilled workers they need; New Hampshire's leaders have come together to work with FIRST to ensure that our kids have the skills and opportunities they'll need to find meaningful and successful careers.

For the first time, the New Hampshire Department of Education is offering grants to every public and charter school in New Hampshire to give every student a chance to be on a FIRST team. But for this program to succeed, we need your help.

To qualify for a grant from the New Hampshire Robotics Education Fund, schools need to have at least one sponsor willing to provide mentors, funds, and/or in-kind donations.

FIRST Sponsors come from industries of all shapes and sizes. All of our sponsors are critical to building our programs for that engage students in meaningful STEM education, and we are grateful to each one for their unique contributions.

We hope you'll be able to help New Hampshire become the 1st state in the nation to have a FIRST team in every school.

FIRST NH sponsorship opportunities include:

Financial Sponsorship of NH programs and strategic initiatives
In-kind donations of mentors, computers, equipment, or facilities
Scholarships & Internships for NH students
Employee Engagement
Cause Marketing

FIRST NH sponsorship benefits include:

Strengthening your company reputation in the community
Recognition across FIRST NH properties and events
Creating a NH pipeline for interns and future employees
Increased positive feelings for employers
Giving your employees a variety of volunteer, team building, and training opportunities
Providing renewed inspiration to company engineers and employees

If you'd like to join us as a sponsor, volunteer, or to bring FIRST ® to your school...

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