Why NH Needs FIRST

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With New Hampshire's population getting older, more of our kids graduating and leaving the state, and our businesses having a hard time finding the skilled workers they need; the time has come to look beyond conventional approaches and find a new way to develop our workforce. FIRST® is that new way.

FIRST inspires our kids to develop both the technical and soft skills they'll need in whatever career they decide to pursue.

FIRST teaches them the value of team work, leadership, and Gracious Professionalism® so they are prepared to be the kind of employees and entrepreneurs our businesses and communities need.

FIRST connects our companies with these kids -- as they learn the workforce skills they need -- through mentorships and sponsorships that lead to internships and jobs.

It's More Than Robots

While everyone on a FIRST team helps build their robot, FIRST is not about just building robots. It's about completing a challenging project with a limited budget and a firm deadline. It's about learning to work with and learn from caring and knowledgeable mentors. And most importantly, it's about building self-confidence while learning to be part of a team.

From problem-solving and negotiating, to budgeting and fundraising, a decade of data and research shows that FIRST instills the real-world workforce skills that kids will need to succeed.

Internal and external studies have shown that kids who participate in FIRST programs:

improve their problem-solving skills by 98%
increase their time management skills by 95%
increase their conflict resolution skills by 93%
strengthen their communication skills by 76%

FIRST inspires our kids to stick with science and technology, and gives them the foundation they'll need to have a successful career here in New Hampshire.

With the help of political and business leaders, educators and parents, we can help New Hampshire train its future workforce and give our kids the chance to have the future they deserve.

If you'd like to join us as a sponsor, volunteer, or to bring FIRST ® to your school...

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